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Janet Johnson Anderson has two novels on the market. The Ray of Hope, released late September, 2020, offers a slice-of-life look at New Orleans four years after Katrina, and follows two very different families embroiled in a murder investigation. It has picked up a literary award for best Literary Fiction.  Her first book, Avhi's Flight, released February, 2019, is about a 14-year-old Nepali girl who escapes a forced marriage, travels across the country where she discovers the plight of Nepali women and girls, and a purpose beyond self. It won the endorsement of The Women's Foundation of Nepal, and four literary awards. Pegasus has just published POCKETS, a children's book grades K -2 about acceptance. It features a penguin with disabilities who learns to cope within the penguin community via an icePad.


Janet is also an award-winning poet and short story writer, and has been published in more than 40 literary journals and books. She has written a book of poetry, two novels, and a children's book about acceptance called POCKETS, hoping to use her talent to shine a light in the world for, and on behalf of, those who are often neglected by society. All of her work is mindful to introduce an element of understanding otherwise overlooked, or to bring a new audience into the fold. She taught poetry workshops to students K-12 in public school systems, helping children realize through literary avenues, they have opportunities with the written word to impact communities.

For nearly a decade, Janet was a regular contributing writer for The Upper Room's Alive Now magazine, and spiritual journal Weavings. She enjoyed a career in advertising, and has remained a marketing consultant, public speaker, and freelance writer. She is an advocate on behalf of the special needs population, and on behalf of women living in dark parts of the world where there is a lack of resources to combat poverty, sexual trafficking, slavery, injustice, and lack of educational opportunities. She is a member of the National Association of Poets, the Alabama State Poetry Society, the Alabama Writers Conclave, the Literary Association of America, state and national autism societies, state and national Down syndrome associations, and Trinity United Methodist Church.

Born and raised along Chicago's North Shore, Janet remains enthusiastic about her Cubs and Bears, and lakefront sailing. She resides in Huntsville, Alabama, and is quite the Alabama football fan. She is married with two grown daughters, and thrives on jazz.

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