Janet Johnson Anderson

A Voice for the Voiceless

Janet Johnson Anderson's books reflect community and global needs. They provide a voice for the voiceless, hoping to inspire others to lend a hand and heart in the world.


Released February, 2019


Released September, 2020

Avhi's Flight

“This book highlights the sad realities that accompany women and their children in Nepal on a daily basis. It is an eye-opening story about how profound gender-based injustices are common practices in Nepal. The purpose of the Women’s Foundation of Nepal is to tackle these issues by raising awareness of them, and empowering women with their rights.” 

                               -- Renu Sharma, President

                           Women's Foundation Nepal

The Ray of Hope

“I was in the Lower 9th Ward in the first spring after Katrina; it was a dreadful place. The force of water had shoved houses about like monopoly pieces; some atop roofs or upside down. One house would be shoved into another, merging like a welder’s torch. But with the end of winter, as Nature renews itself, hope returns even for those whose lives have been changed forever.”
                                                   -- Rolland Golden

Rolland Golden created a collection of paintings, and a book, KATRINA Days of Terror, Months of Anguish, expressing his reflections on the storm’s devastation.

Children's Book Coming Feb 2021
A story about Acceptance

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